How TartarEnd® Reduces or Stops Tooth Loss

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Reviewed by Dr. Christopher Tai, D.M.D. Wilmington, DE.

Many bacteria find our mouths to be a perfect place to live and grow. Over 500 different bacteria protect themselves from removal with a sticky, colorless biofilm called plaque. Over time, plaque mixes with the minerals in our saliva and hardens to form rock-hard tartar. In the past, only a dental professional could safely remove tartar. For the past 8 years, TartarEnd® toothpaste has safely removed tartar and plaque above or below the gum line with a toothbrush and twice daily brushing.

Each type of bacteria prefers different places to live in the mouth. Some prefer the gum pockets between the teeth and gums. As these bacteria expand deeper into the gum pockets, they release concentrated lactic and other strong acids. When these gum pockets reach 4-5 mm in depth, the lactic acid dissolves the jawbone which holds teeth in place. As bone loss continues and gum pockets get deeper, teeth become loose and are either extracted or fall out.

When TartarEnd Toothpaste is used with high-tip-speed toothbrushes, it removes tartar, plaque, and lactic acid from very deep gum pockets. Clean gums naturally re-adhere to clean teeth and reduce the depths of gum pockets. The formation of lactic acid below the gumline is greatly reduced or eliminated. Further bone loss is stopped, and the chances of tooth loss from further bone loss are also stopped.

The following e-mails from Barbara on Sept 19, 2023, and Barry and Angela on 2/9/2024 are examples of the tooth loss prevention benefits of TartarEnd® toothpaste.

Barry and Angela- Feb 9, 2024We just wanted to share the amazing news from the dentist yesterday. My wife’s pockets have reduced from 7,8, and 9 mm to 5 and 6 mm. The other ones that were 4,5 and 6 mm are down to 2,3 and 4mm. It’s absolutely amazing and the dentist said to continue using the tartar end. They are also amazed with the results so far. She had no infection and no bleeding of the gums at all. They also said they are confident she will not lose any of her teeth at all!!!

Barbara Sept 19, 2023Went to the dentist today and had the gum numbers measured. Here are the results. You have the data from the most recent visits. I wanted to list out the numbers so I could see a comparison from the 3 sets more easily. Teeth 4 and 5 were the ones we were watching, on the upper right. #5 showed a good improvement from 11/22 — 7 went to a 5 and 6 went to a 4. Only other tooth with a 5 is #13 back surface.

All in all, my numbers look good to me, mostly 3s. Hygienist said to remember that a difference of 1 is within the error of measuring. So again. tooth #5 showed a significant improvement. What you were predicting! The dentist agreed that having 4 and 5 extracted now was an aggressive step. She said waiting and watching that area is a sound decision.

Your toothpaste and the new sonic brush did make a difference! thank you! Hope the numbers help your studies.

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Only TartarEnd® toothpaste removes tartar and plaque above and below the gum line when using high tip-speed sonic toothbrushes

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