TartarEnd® removes tartar and plaque above and below the gum line.

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Reviewed by Dr. Christopher Tai, D.M.D., Wilmington, DE.

Bacteria find our mouths to be a perfect place to live and grow. It’s a warm, moist home with frequent food delivery. Over 500 different bacteria protect themselves from removal with a sticky colorless biofilm called plaque. Plaque mixes with the minerals in our saliva and hardens to form a rock-hard protective barrier called tartar.

Dental publications still report that only dentists and hygienists can safely remove tartar from tooth surfaces. However, since 2016, TartarEnd® toothpaste has been dissolving the binders that make plaque sticky and tartar hard. TartarEnd® removes tartar and plaque above and below the gumline with simple brushing. The bristles of the toothbrush sweep away dissolved plaque and fragmented tartar fragments. For the first time in dental care history, tartar and plaque are being safely and gently dissolved above and below the gumline while brushing at home.

Many TartarEnd® customers are saving money by returning to 6-month cleaning cycles, as their tartar deposits are being removed above and below the gum line. These customers are often canceling expensive and painful root planing or deep cleaning appointments as their tartar and plaque-free teeth return to healthy gum pocket depths.

Nyes’s e-mail of 3/24/2024 describes some of the tartar and plaque-removing experiences of TartarEnd® toothpaste.

“So in October, I was told I have gum disease, and I had to get my deep cleaning. I saw this toothpaste, and I thought it might not work. Well, I was wrong. I just went to my dentist appointment on 3/19, and she said I only had a lil tartar build-up but everything looks good. She said I might be able to go back to 6 months cleaning instead of 3 months. Thank you for making this product. We will see in August if I can do 6 months between cleanings, but keep making this toothpaste.”

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Only TartarEnd® toothpaste removes tartar and plaque above and below the gum line when using high tip-speed sonic toothbrushes

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