The story of the development of TartarEnd® toothpaste for improved dental health

TartarEnd LLC was formed by a chemist who was going to the dentist every three months to remove heavy tartar and plaque build-up and to slow the progression of periodontal disease. Over the years he used available tartar and plaque “stopping” toothpastes, flossers, brushes, and dental picks but always heard his hygienist or dentist say “You need to do better”.

After retiring, he decided to use his chemistry knowledge to develop a toothpaste that would dissolve tartar and plaque so it could be brushed away with a toothbrush. After a few years of research, he heard his hygienist say, “What have you done? You have no tartar at all. Your gums look fantastic”.

Soon, he was giving samples of TartarEnd® toothpaste to family, friends, and his dentist. His dentist first tested it on himself and then gave it to his family and his heavy tartar producing patients. His family, friends and dentist reported excellent tartar removal results along with the elimination of bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and bad breath.  TartarEnd® has been proven to eliminate periodontal gum pocketing by allowing healthy gums to re-adhere to plaque and tartar free teeth.

Requests for TartarEnd® Toothpaste in the Southeastern Pennsylvania grew by word of mouth.  TartarEnd LLC was formed in 2016. Website sale began in November of 2020. TartarEnd® toothpaste is manufactured, sealed, and packaged in the USA at an FDA inspected facility. US patents have been awarded for the TartarEnd™ formulation and foreign patents are pending.

The TartarEnd® formulation is registered with Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the FDA. TartarEnd® toothpaste is now sold on-line and shipped to customers in United States, Canada and other international locations.

The technology TartarEnd uses to remove tartar and plaque was presented at a seminar at the National American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego, California in March 2022.

An image of TartarEnd's plaque and tartar-fighting toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.

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