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After a professional cleaning, bacteria on your teeth use the foods we eat to form plaque. Plaque is thick, sticky, and hard to remove. Plaque quickly hardens to form tartar. Plaque and tartar act as a shield that protects bacteria from removal. 

The magnified graphic shows a portion of a gum pocket filled with tartar and plaque. The strong plaque acids formed by bacteria erode tooth enamel to form cavities. These same acids irritate gums to cause gingivitis, bad breath, bleeding gums, periodontal gum pockets, bone erosion and eventually tooth loss. 

Tartar control or preventing toothpastes do not penetrate and remove the tartar and plaque shield. 

Most toothpaste companies still say, ” there’s no safe way to remove tartar at home” or “it must be removed by a dental professional”.

TartarEnd® is the only plaque removal toothpaste that safely penetrates the tartar and plaque shield and dissolves the glues and plaque that hold tartar together. It acts as a plaque dissolver to break up tartar into tiny particles. Toothbrush bristles whisk away bacteria, plaque, and tartar particles.  

After brushing with TartarEnd®, the tooth surface is now cleaned, and healthy gums reattach to clean tooth enamel. Minerals naturally found in saliva slowly rebuild damaged tooth enamel.  

A gif of how to remove tartar and plaque from teeth without dentist using tartarend toothpaste on TartarEnd's website.

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