TikTok Star @themamadentist does it again!

This is a newer toothpaste that I really like for tartar buildup, and is the only one of its kind that I know of. It is not ADA endorsed because there is no fluoride (I just use it alongside my favorite fluoride + nanohydroxyapatite paste, CariFree). Full disclosure, I have received free samples and engaged […]

TikTok star @themamadentist Reviews TartarEnd

@themamadentist 🪥Review of two tartar control toothpastes, CocorangeBrite and TartarEnd. #dentist #toothpaste #honestreview ♬ Sweet Giirrrrllll face beat x Father Philis – Phil

Yvan Huneault researches dental media and discovers TartarEnd

“Yvan Huneault researches dental media and prepares a newsletter for The Quebec Canada Order of Dentists. Yvan discovered TartarEnd™ Toothpaste in his dental research and included an article about it in one of his newsletters. Yvan uses TartarEnd™ Toothpaste and is a radio and TV broadcaster from the Montreal area. The name of this podcast […]

Landenberg chemist invents unique tartar-reducing toothpaste

LANDENBERG—John Gontarz of Landenberg spent his life suffering with cavities, irritated gums and gingivitis. Although he tried every toothpaste on the market and diligently followed his dentist’s instructions, nothing seemed to help. Being a retired research chemist, he couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a product that could help people who shared the same problems. He […]