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TartarEnd® Toothpaste Benefits

Dentist and Customer Reports

I've been dealing with periodontitis for over 10 years. Every three months, I go to my periodontitis.
Well , today was my FIRST visit with this result. "Your mouth looks the best I've seen it, you have no tartar buildup."
There was no bleeding after my cleaning. I showed my periodontist the empty tube of TartarEnd.
He said I usually don't believe in these things, but your mouth is showing me positive results.
He took information off of the tube, and said he was going to recommend it to those of his patients
who were struggling with periodontitis. I actually walked out of this office with a smile on my face.
We just wanted to share the amazing news from the dentist yesterday. My wife’s pockets have reduced from 7+8+9 to a 5-6. The other ones that were 4,5 +6 are down to a 2-4. It’s absolutely amazing and the dentist said to continue using the tartar end. They are also amazed with the results so far. She had no infection and no bleeding of
the gums at all. They also said they are confident she will not lose any of her teeth at all.
Teeth 4 and 5 were the ones we were watching, on the upper right. #5 showed a good improvement from 11/22 --- 7mm went to a 5mm and 6mm went to a 4mm. All in all, my numbers look good to me, mostly 3mm...
The dentist agreed that having 4 and 5 extracted now was an aggressive step.
I observed decreased periodontal pocketing in my patients after their use of TartarEnd…
I can say unequivocally that TartarEnd is effective to remove pre-formed tartar from teeth. It softens dental tartar
such that the dental tartar can be removed by brushing.
My patients also self-reported reduced, if not eliminated tartar buildup as well as better smelling breath, and less dry mouth after using TartarEnd®
Christopher Tai D.M.D

High tip-speed Toothbrushes Work Best When Removing Tartar
from Deep Gum Pockets When Using TartarEnd® Toothpaste

High Tip-Speed Toothbrushes drive TartarEnd ingredients deep below the gumline to dissolve and remove tartar and plaque from deep gum pockets.

Recommended High Tip-Speed Sonic Toothbrush Features:

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